Saturday, August 16, 2014


Several years back I began to realize that the older English vintage cups and saucers and teapots were just more unique and unusual and if in perfect condition, a great bargain.  So that's when we started reselling them at Bernideen's:

They are also offered at a better price than the new:

We also still have new ones as well and some from China:

Of course, we also love tea books and cookbooks featuring recipes from the United Kingdom:

Stop by soon and visit us at 2520 West Colorado Avenue in the HEART OF OLD COLORADO CITY:

Monday, August 11, 2014


Just posting 4 cups and saucers I recently acquired for my shop and here they are:

#1 Is a Commemorative 1937 Cup and Saucer which reflects the Coronation of King George VI and Elizabeth:  It is $31.95 by Royal Doulton.  It has some glazed blemishes on the saucer rim:

#2 Below is an English Bone China Royal Dover numbered with lots of broad gold paint in the Lily of the Valley Pattern $28.95:

#3 This English Bone China Cup and Saucer below is a Regency with blue and pink lovely pansies $26.95:

#4 is a English Bone China Duchess with colorful fruits for $24.95:

Call the store if you have questions - 1-719-447-8844

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Playing with auto collage:

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I recently went on a buying trip and have some new vintage tea cups and saucers and a few teapots.  I sold one of the teapots immediately today so I did not take a picture of it!  It was a lovely Crown Dorset with Roses and Ivy in a unique shape!
ALL ITEMS below are English Bone China in great shape!

Here goes photo #1  (left) is a Regency cup and saucer on the left (yellow/lavender)  for $24.95 - sold, right is an Elizabethan numbered Lily of the Valley Demitasse Cup and Saucer for $18.95 - sold and center back is a Royal Sutherland (pastels flowers) for $24.95:

Photo #2 below has in front a Royal Vale numbered (pink roses) for $24.95 and  an Old Royal China Cup and Saucer for $26.95 and back right is a Tuscan "Orleans" Cup and Saucer for $26.95:

Photo #3 below has 2 cups and saucers - the one on the left is a hand painted Tuscan for $28.95 - sold and the one on the right is a hand painted Royal Albert "May Blossom" which is numbered for $28.95:

Photo #4 below on the left is a hand painted Roslyn numbered for $28.95 and on the right is a hand painted Rosina which is numbered for $28.95 and in the back is a hand painted Adderly numbered for $28.95:

And now separately the same ones:

Photo #5 below is a fabulous large 8 cup footed Crown Dorset Forget Me Nots Teapot for $79.95:

Photo #6 below has 2 cups and saucers - front - a Royal Albert "Silver Birch" at $28.95 and back - a Paragon by appointment to the Queen $28.95:

 And pictured separately:

Photo #7 below is a hand painted Ansley which is very old with lots of gold, numbered (violets) for $28.95:

also below:

Photo #8 below has 3 cups and saucers:
left is a Royal Albert "Mary" Dainty Dina Series for $28.95 and center is a Royal Albert "Woodborough" Summertime Series for $28.95 and right this Rosina with magnolias - over 60 years old, numbered - some tiny crazing for $24.95:

Photo #9 is a small 2-3 cups teapot - Arthur Woods "Summertime Rose" for $34.95:

Lastly photo #10 has 2 teapots:  front - A Windsor English Teapot small 3 cup for $31.95 - has some underglaze imperfections inside and back - a large 7-8 cup Queen "Richmond" Crownford Teapot for $69.95:

Please call our store with any questions regarding these newly arrived pieces.  We have an entire table full of others as well! 

Monday, July 14, 2014


Just letting you know we have some
 beautiful cups and saucers:

The first one sold below right after I took this photo - it is a Hand painted (outer) Paragon with gold and decals inside and lovely $28.95: sold

#2 I believe this is Shakespeare's home on a Royal Albert Cup and Saucer for $28.95: SOLD

#3 below  is hand painted - Royal Staffordshire
 numbered "Fushia" - $28.95:

#4 Hammersley with magnolias and peonies $26.95 below:

#5 is a Hammersley Cup and Saucer with pink peach and yellow roses - $26.95 decal on saucer a little imperfect

 And lastly #6 below is from Japan and is handpainted
 with pansys - Royal Sealy china - $21.95:

Call our store if interested:
1-719-447-8844 We ship in the Continental USA

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


If you are looking for cups and saucers, we just happen to have lots of them!  Our vintage resale ones are incredible.

#1 English Bone China Colclough handpainted (yellow) $28.95 numbered:

#2 I have 2 of these!  English Bone China handpainted
 Colclough mint green numbered for $28.95 each:

#3 English Bone China Royal Stafford "Carousel" (lilacs)
 with lots of gold and numbered $34.95:

#4 English Bone China Duchess (violets) $26.95: 

#5 English Bone China Royal Standard (Sweet Peas Chintz) $34.95 numbered:

Yes, we can ship!  Call the store at 1-719-447-8844.

Saturday, May 31, 2014


We have a number of trios for sale that
 are English Bone China: 

 These 4 are Staffordshire and numbered at $32.95 a set.  (We also have a cookie plate, teapot and cream and sugar:
Teapot - cups and saucers sold -

 cream and sugar and cookie plate still available

We have 7 sets of trios in the Queen's "Country Meadow" pattern for $34.95 each:

The teapot is sale priced because it has a very slight tea stain in the strainer inner spout: