Thursday, September 11, 2014


I recently acquired some more vintage cups and saucers and so I am sharing just a few here that are available at  Bernideen's.  This first one is absolutely gorgeous and is an English Bone China Aynsley fully covered cup and saucer with fruits for $74.95:

#2 is a Japanese hand painted pedestal cup and saucer.  The design is painted both inside and out and numbered for $39.95:

#3 Is an English Bone China "Buttercup" cup and saucer by Ebeling and Reuss for $24.95:

#4  This beautiful English Bone China Stanley Cup and Saucer is white with gold filigree flowers for $34.95:

#5 is an English Bone China Adderly numbered and hand painted with cabbage roses with rose hips for $31.95:

#6 I actually have 3 of these lovely English Bone China Royal Albert violet design cups and saucers for $29.95 each:

#7 This English Bone China Regency Cup and Saucer with forget me nots is $28.95

If you are interested in any of these please call the store as we ship in the Continental USA.  They are perfect.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

TEA & SWEETS new tea book

We have many tea books but a new one arrived and we are thrilled that one of our blogging tea friends is featured:
Nancy Reppert from the Sweet Remembrances Tea Room in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania:

Monday, August 25, 2014


Today I put out some of the pieces that I found recently:

#1 This personal size teapot holds 3-4 cups and is a numbered Arthur Woods teapot in a yellow wild rose pattern for #31.95:

ALL THE FOLLOWING CUPS AND SAUCERS are vintage English Bone China:

#2  This is a hand painted and numbered Royal Stafford cup and saucer for $28.95:

#3 is a 3 piece Royal Standard trio with 8" dessert plate in pink paisley which is numbered for $41.95:

#4 is an Ansley lovely floral pedestal cup and saucer for $28.95:

#5 Is a Royal Albert Crown China cup and saucer with the back stamp that ended in 1939 - thus at least 75 years old for $28.95:

#7 is a Shelley - perfect 1953 Queen Elizabeth II for $44.95:


#8 is a hand painted cup and saucer from Japan which is numbered for $24.95:

#9 Is a hand painted cup and saucer from Japan that is numbered for $26.95:

#10 is a hand painted Japanese pedestal cup and saucer with saucer cut outs for $24.95:

If you need more details or wish us to ship - call our store at 1-719-447-8844!

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Several years back I began to realize that the older English vintage cups and saucers and teapots were just more unique and unusual and if in perfect condition, a great bargain.  So that's when we started reselling them at Bernideen's:

They are also offered at a better price than the new:

We also still have new ones as well and some from China:

Of course, we also love tea books and cookbooks featuring recipes from the United Kingdom:

Stop by soon and visit us at 2520 West Colorado Avenue in the HEART OF OLD COLORADO CITY:

Monday, August 11, 2014


Just posting 4 cups and saucers I recently acquired for my shop and here they are:

#1 Is a Commemorative 1937 Cup and Saucer which reflects the Coronation of King George VI and Elizabeth:  It is $31.95 by Royal Doulton.  It has some glazed blemishes on the saucer rim:  SOLD

#2 Below is an English Bone China Royal Dover numbered with lots of broad gold paint in the Lily of the Valley Pattern $28.95:

#3 This English Bone China Cup and Saucer below is a Regency with blue and pink lovely pansies $26.95:

#4 is a English Bone China Duchess with colorful fruits for $24.95:

Call the store if you have questions - 1-719-447-8844

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Playing with auto collage:

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I recently went on a buying trip and have some new vintage tea cups and saucers and a few teapots.  I sold one of the teapots immediately today so I did not take a picture of it!  It was a lovely Crown Dorset with Roses and Ivy in a unique shape!
ALL ITEMS below are English Bone China in great shape!

Here goes photo #1  (left) is a Regency cup and saucer on the left (yellow/lavender)  for $24.95 - sold, right is an Elizabethan numbered Lily of the Valley Demitasse Cup and Saucer for $18.95 - sold and center back is a Royal Sutherland (pastels flowers) for $24.95:

Photo #2 below has in front a Royal Vale numbered (pink roses) for $24.95 and  an Old Royal China Cup and Saucer for $26.95 and back right is a Tuscan "Orleans" Cup and Saucer for $26.95:

Photo #3 below has 2 cups and saucers - the one on the left is a hand painted Tuscan for $28.95 - sold and the one on the right is a hand painted Royal Albert "May Blossom" which is numbered for $28.95:

Photo #4 below on the left is a hand painted Roslyn numbered for $28.95 and on the right is a hand painted Rosina which is numbered for $28.95 and in the back is a hand painted Adderly numbered for $28.95:

And now separately the same ones:

Photo #5 below is a fabulous large 8 cup footed Crown Dorset Forget Me Nots Teapot for $79.95:

Photo #6 below has 2 cups and saucers - front - a Royal Albert "Silver Birch" at $28.95 and back - a Paragon by appointment to the Queen $28.95:

 And pictured separately:

Photo #7 below is a hand painted Ansley which is very old with lots of gold, numbered (violets) for $28.95:

also below:

Photo #8 below has 3 cups and saucers:
left is a Royal Albert "Mary" Dainty Dina Series for $28.95 and center is a Royal Albert "Woodborough" Summertime Series for $28.95 and right this Rosina with magnolias - over 60 years old, numbered - some tiny crazing for $24.95:

Photo #9 is a small 2-3 cups teapot - Arthur Woods "Summertime Rose" for $34.95:

Lastly photo #10 has 2 teapots:  front - A Windsor English Teapot small 3 cup for $31.95 - has some underglaze imperfections inside and back - a large 7-8 cup Queen "Richmond" Crownford Teapot for $69.95:

Please call our store with any questions regarding these newly arrived pieces.  We have an entire table full of others as well!